On Going for It - What do you think? 


You know that moment when you’re watching an act, and the performer is doing a skill that is right on the edge… and maybe they aren’t successful? I LOVE that moment! The “give it 3 tries” moment. The “look, I’m a human just like you “ moment. But as a performer, the idea of including a move in an act when I’m not 100% sure I’ll be successful is intimidating. So…is it a double standard? I’ll cheer your attempt, but keep my own vulnerability close to my chest? Is that the kind of performer I want to be? 

[obviously I’m not talking about doing dangerous things, or moves that are so far outside your wheelhouse that you can’t even hit them in practice]

Last night at Worst Witches Cabaret, I was having an awesome hand balance day backstage, so I decided to throw a side press into my act, even though I knew it would be iffy, given how much my contortion-warm back differs from my handstand-warm back (soon they will merge though! Practice!). I gave it two tries, and had little moments of hover, but it wasn’t the solid handstand I had hoped for. That said, I was thrilled with the act overall, and glad I had chosen to give myself that little extra push. I was validated to see other performers also challenge themselves that night, and we didn’t all hit every move, but DAMN were we real humans up there! 

What do you think as an audience member, and as a performer about those moments of challenge? 

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