Befriend Your Idols!

Hi all! I am in go-mode for my move to Colorado. Choreographing like crazy, teaching hella workshops, and getting choked up by “goodbye for now"s. So this a a pretty stream-of-consciousness post.

Here’s the thing though. 2 game-changers happened for me in the last couple days.

1) I was offered a teaching position that I did not solicit! I am so gratified and excited that my career is now entering the stage where people come to me instead of vis versa. My partner, who has been in this stage of her career for some time now, has informed me that this means I will soon have to practice saying "no”. That will be hard for me, so stay tuned!

2) one of my colleagues told me that a student of hers reported feeling “fluttery” and like she “couldn’t talk to” me when I am around. I have a message to that student, and anyone who gets all “fangirl-y” (any gender can get fangirl-y) around performers or coaches you admire. I AM A HUMAN AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE SCARED TO TALK TO ME!!! ( all-caps really helps, right?) 
I know the feeling well, and am working hard to challenge it in myself. In fact, I signed my ass up for a handstand lesson with Olga Pikhienko, partly because my immediate response to the idea was “aaaahhh I can’t possibly!!!”. 
But really, please, please! Admire all you like, but don’t put people on pedestals! Be bold! Make friends with your idols! It’s an amazing way to grow.