Getting Instrumental

Getting Instrumental

I made a post recently about believing that trapeze is the “piano of aerial”. Just as it’s commonly believed that piano provides a strong foundation and understanding of music for musicians, I believe that starting on trapeze paves the way for a strong, healthy foundation of aerial apparatuses for aerialists.

This led to a fun conversation with some of my new Denver circus friends about what instruments other apparatuses might be. For your entertainment and consideration, here were our ideas:

Trapeze = piano. Simple, classic, foundational. Important to learn general body mechanics, form, etc (like learning notes, scales etc).

Lyra = harp. Gorgeous by itself, just pluck a few strings and strike a few poses and it’ll be lovely. BUT, has hidden depths and can take years of dedication to bring out all it has to offer.

Sling = trombone? Sax? Something jazzy that lends itself to improvisation. There’s not a lot of codified vocabulary on sling, so I feel it’s like a slide trombone, versatile, with all kinds of non-notes available.

Silks = guitar. Easy to begin, incredibly challenging to master. Everyone wants to play it.

Rope = bass. Seems like a less-complex version of silks, but demands precision rhythm and hidden strength.

What do you think? Any others?