Hello from Cirque_Psych!

Hello, the circus-internet! Cirque_Psych here to share a little about myself, and about this endeavor before we dive right into content. First, I want to be very clear about a few things: Inclusion, Boundaries, Mandated Reporting, Complexity.

Inclusion: It is of utmost importance to me that my work is of service to the denizens of the circus internet, all of us. I am here for the circus artists of color, of size, who are queer, trans, poly, of different ability, immigrants, of different ages, in recovery, privileged, oppressed, religious, etc. AND, I am very aware that my own experience is a narrow sliver of what is out there, and that I hold implicit biases that will come out in my work. I promise you all that I will never do less than the best I can to make my material inclusive, and I promise you that when I learn better, I will do better. I do not promise you that I will always be perfect and never make mistakes. I ask that you hold me accountable, and help me serve the community better when I need to.

Boundaries: Boundaries are one of my favorite things to talk about! Those who know me IRL will be laughing right now because it’s so true! In developing a vision for Cirque_Psych, I have been reflecting on what I can, and cannot genuinely provide. You should know my qualifications: I have my Bachelor’s in Peace Studies and Biology, as well as my Masters in Social Work. This means that I have the education to provide therapy, and even to make provisional mental health diagnoses. In my past muggle work, I have been responsible for both of those activities and more. Cirque_Psych does neither of those! Rather, this project is all about what we call “psychoeducation” - teaching people about how the mind works, and Community Building. I will be providing general information based in current research, I will create some case-studies as jumping-off points for discussion, I will share my own reflections and opinions, and I will provide 1:1 and group consultation and training. I am not your therapist, nor do I claim to be. A major factor in therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. This relationship is specific, profound, nuanced, and healing (if approached well). I simply do not believe that I can be in such a relationship with the entire circus internet!  Any questions about what this looks like, just ask!

Mandated Reporting: Simply this: if you disclose to me in any format (DM, comment, text, email etc…) any information that makes me believe you or someone else has harmed, is harming, or intends to harm a minor, or an elder. I will report your disclosure to law enforcement. If I feel it is safe for me to do so, I will inform you of my report.

Complexity! In case is hasn’t already become abundantly clear, mental health, psychology, circus, and LIFE are vastly complex. Part of my work here is simply allowing complexity, while also sharing information as clearly as possible. There is almost never one single right answer to any question or dilemma. My voice is just one, and is is NOT the most important one: yours is. Yes, you. The individual reading this. The best thing that could come out of this work would be for YOU to feel informed, empowered, and to trust your own true voice.